Date4 September 2017

The premiere of "Exterminator" at the beginning of 2018

Date10 August 2017

"FACE" - the new movie directed by Szumowska coming in the autumn

Date10 July 2017

We started works on second season of "The War Girls". It is about three young Poles, whose fates at the brink of adulthood intertwine in occupied Warsaw.

Date7 June 2017

It is not our first international production...

Date9 May 2017

We've just finished works on miniseries "Koty i zaloty" for POLSAT

Date9 April 2017

Do you remember a hit years ago - Gigi D'Agostino? We've just licensed it...

Date5 March 2017

The first episode of

Date21 February 2017

Pokot (Spoor), the latest film by director Agnieszka Holland, received Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize. We worked on it!

Date7 February 2017

The huge success of Wisłocka's story

Date12 January 2017

The Premiere of Andrzej Wajda's "Afterimages" - Anka with Lady Panufnik on the stage....

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